Bin Laden is NOT a practicing Muslim!!!

Ever since 9-11, there has been an anti-Islamic feeling on the rise. More and more people are attacking those they THINK are of the Islamic faith. Why? Because they THINK those who took part in the 9-11 tragedy were Islamic fundamentalists.

The sad truth is, those mislead souls who caused so much death and destruction were not practicing the true faith. They were simply terrorists, nothing more, nothing less. To identify them as "Islamic Terrorists" is a grave mistake. To put it more aptly, they were pawns in a political struggle.

A political struggle CREATED by a multi-Millionaire (Bin Laden) for his own personal agenda. A struggle created and directed by a man who more than likely eats with the hand he should be wiping his ass with. Don't believe me? You should look at some of the pictures of this non-believer shooting an AK-47. HE IS LEFT HANDED! In the Islamic fundamentalist world, that is a blasphemy all to it's own.

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Created: December 28, 2003
Last updated: October 5, 2005

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