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Michigan Concealed Pistols License Training Course

If you live in the State of Michigan, in or near the city and county of Jackson, AND you are thinking about applying for a Michigan Concealed Pistols License, then don't forget, you need to take a mandatory training course first.

I recently went through the "NRA Personal Protection In the Home Course" given at the Jackson County Sportsman's Club, in Jackson. I have to say, the two NRA Certified instructors, Joe and Kyle know their stuff. They teach the class during approximately 12 hours. This is broken down into two days. Usually Friday night for 3 hours and the balance all day Saturday.

The course covers not just carrying a concealed weapon, but how to stay safe, and how to make your home safe from unwanted intruders. The best thing I thought, was the legal part (your rights AND your responsibilities as a potential CPL holder) is generally taught by a member of the Jackson County Prosecutors office. And while he does give you an idea of how Jackson County looks at CCW, his instruction covers the state laws and are generally applicable anywhere in the State of Michigan.

Be prepared for some shooting too. You should plan on bringing shooting glasses, hearing protection and 80 rounds of ammunition.

If you are interested, Contact Joe Evans at 517-782-7779, and he will tell you the next date available as well as price of the course, which I have to say I think is very reasonable. And if you need to make special arrangements, tell him up front, he'll work with you.

And if you could, please mention you saw the ad here. I'm not getting anything for this, but we would like to know how well web advertising is working.

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Created: Nov. 17, 2002
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