The legacy of the Clinton Presidency

Elian Gonzales being taken at the point of a gun.
Little Elian Gonzales being taken by INS agents at the point of a (FULLY AUTOMATIC) gun.

Tanks at Mt. Carmel Compound
Tanks rolling into the Branch Davidian compound of Mt. Carmel, near Waco Texas.

If nothing else, these two images should serve notice to America.  WAKE UP!!!!  Your rights are being reduced every day.  (Note: Since 9-11-2001, it's getting worse!!!)  It's as though the U.S. Constitution is on a diet, losing rights, not weight. Yet it seems that the so called "Silent Majority" is also the Deaf, Dumb and Blind Majority as well.

Every time something like Ruby Ridge, Waco, or now Miami happens, and we, THE PEOPLE do nothing, we are sending a message loud and clear to D.C. That message is "Go ahead, take away our rights, our freedoms, our very LIVES if you must, to help us to feel SAFE in our homes."

By comparison, King George III wasn't nearly as bad, in my humble opinion. smile.gif - 249 Bytes

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