Hârnic War Ferret checking out Earthmaster item
This is a Hârnic War Ferret Scout, checking out an alleged Earthmaster article.

War Ferret drawing supplies
This War Ferret has run into the usual problem in the army, Nothing fit's right at first.

Ferret cleaning house
This War Ferret is being punished for insubordination, by having to clean the castle with an ancient Earthmaster item. Now, if he can just figure out how to make it work.

War ferret putting Earthmaster item together
Here we have a War Ferret on punishment duty who's figured out that for the Ancient Earthmaster item to work, you have to put it together first.

And I'll bet you didn't think it snowed in Harn.
This Hârnic war Ferret has discovered that it does indeed snow in Hârn.

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