Just a few thoughts on Gun Control

Considering what the original intention of the 2nd amendment was, we should be able to have tanks if we can afford them. And no, regardless of the US Code definitions, the National Guard is NOT the militia as referred to in the 2nd Amendment. By the intentions of the framers of the US Constitution, the militia should NOT be an arm of the federal government. But then we also shouldn't have such a large standing army either. That would send the founding fathers running for their guns if they were alive now.

But then most of the founding fathers would likely be running for their guns at the size and scope of today's federal government. It's gotten completely out of hand. This is no longer a government "of the people". It's a monster all to it's self. Unfortunately, the typical US "subject" has little control over what really happens in government. Everyone in elected office is there to do "what's best for us" not what we asked them to do.

The typical attitude in D.C. is that they are the parents and we are the children. They know what's best to do for us, and we should be seen and not heard. And if some of them had their way, we'd not even be seen.

But basically, EVERYONE has the right of self-defense. It goes hand in hand with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Without the right of self-defense, you're not going to have the others for very long. With that in mind, sometimes you need to have certain tools to exercise that right of self-defense.

Another item to keep in mind. Yesterday it was the full-auto that was the villain. Today it's the semi-auto that's the villain. Next will be the lever-action firearms, then bolt-action, double-action revolvers, then single-action revolvers, then what? Guns period, that's what! Then baseball bats, then sharp knives, then dull knives, etc., etc. You get the picture. Of course, by the time it reaches that level, most of us will be long gone. But our sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters will still be here, still suffering under the legacy we will have left them if we don't stop it here and now.

And in the words of the famous comedian, Jackie Mason, "Anyone who believes in gun control is a F*#king Moron!"

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Created: September 20, 2000
Last updated: July 7, 2005
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