The War Criminal that got away...with everything.

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He was born on April 29, 1901, the eldest son of Emperor Yoshihito. He ascended to the throne as regent for his ailing father in 1921. This was the start of a reign that was part terror, and part political lie.

The Terror part started shortly after he took power. First with the invasion of China, then later the unprovoked attack on the USA at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. During this time, the terror was expanded beyond belief with experiments conducted by unit 731. This unit experimented with LIVE Chinese, European and American prisoners to test the effects of bombs, grenades, small arms ammunition as well as chemical and biological agents. Eight American airmen, shot down in the last months of the war were dissected while still alive!!! All with the approval of their Emperor-God, Hirohito.

In Nanking (Nanjing) China, from December 14, 1937 to February 19, 1938 at least 300,000 people were murdered by soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army. In addition, at least 20,000 women were raped. I say "at least" because since the Japanese criminals who committed this heinous act tried to cover up the crime after wards, we'll likely never know the true numbers.

The lies started at the end of the war. And to be sure, the US Government had a BIG hand in the lies. Let's face it, if anyone knows how to spin a story, it's Uncle Sam.

To be sure, what I've mentioned here is just a small part of the war crimes committed by the Imperial Japanese forces during the time from 1931 to 1945. If you want to learn more, I suggest you start with They have a lot of other links and lots of horror to show you.

So, the next time someone from Japan tries to shame me because of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I just ask them, "What about what YOUR people did to the Chinese at Nanking?"

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