Housing as a "Human Right"??

This latest Socialist idea comes from where else?? The United (Socialist) Nations.
As recorded from the Washington Post, June 8, 2001.

NEW YORK -- The United States is facing new criticism at the United Nations from officials who accuse the Bush administration of undermining an effort to define housing as a "human right."

I was always taught, through the U.S. Declaration of Independence that basic human rights were "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Anything else, was more or less based on your ability to provide for yourself. Of course, now a days, with the "World Socialist View", you and I, according to "Them", have the right to "free" medical services, the right to food, the right NOT to work for a living, the right to be lazy, the right to be a tax burden on the HONEST hard Working people, the right to complain when one of your "new rights" is violated, the right to rob others of the same and different races, and if arrested, you can claim you were beat up by the "racist" Police. Do you get the idea? You have the right to just about everything, EXCEPT, you don't have the right of self-protection, especially if you're White Anglo-Saxon, and you don't have the right complain about it, PARTICULARLY if you're White, Anglo-Saxon.

I'll give you a hint, it's called REVERSE Discrimination. And I don't blame the minorities for this. They STILL get beat upon anyway. No, I blame the government for this. They do all this in the name of racial fairness, and actually they're not being fair about it at all. They just hide it better now when they beat up on minorities.

But that's just my opinion. And in my continuing opinion, we should get OUT of the U.N. AND I think we need to "Peacefully" revamp our government. It's been over due since about 1817.

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