September 11, 2001: A New Day of Infamy!

Something I thought I'd NEVER see in my lifetime has occurred. A terrorist attack of a magnitude so horrible it defies description. I am writing this for my children, and my children's children, in the hope that they will understand how our country has changed.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, 4 commercial airline flights, all East to West coast bound, were hijacked. Two struck the twin towers that were the World Trade Center, one struck the Pentagon, and the 4th slammed into the ground in Pennsylvania, failing to reach it's target.

The aftermath of this terrible day is still to be seen. But so far we have seen ALL non-military flights in the USA grounded. Flights into the country have been stopped or turned around. Both Canadian and Mexican borders closed, the stock market shut down, and baseball games cancelled.

We have also seen profiteering in the form of price gouging by gas station owners where, WITHOUT a real increase in the price of oil, gas has shot up from $1.60 per gallon to as much as $6.00 a gallon. And who knows what other items will be affected. I would not be surprised to see food prices sky rocket in the near future.

Of course the really nasty side to our culture is already coming out too. Racism. Already there have been verbal attacks against Arab-Americans and hate mail sent to various Arab-American websites. This must stop now. We have to stop and think. If one Bin-Laden makes ALL Arabs bad, then can't the same be said of us? Doesn't that mean that ONE Benedict Arnold makes ALL Americans traitors?

More to come later.

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