Is the Jewish Defense League ANTI Constitutional??

I found an article on their web site, that calls for shutting down other web sites of a particular political persuasion.

Now, the way they do this is by supporting another site, Aktion Kinder des Holocaust and linking to it. And this site simply asks Yahoo/Geocities to uphold their TOS (Terms Of Service) which forbids uploading of hateful material. And it does! I checked out Yahoo/Geocities TOS. And under section 5, Member Conduct, paragraph a) it does give a list of things you are not allowed to do, including uploading hateful material.

The problem I have is the JDL also says that Rabbis for Human Rights should not be considered Jewish. I guess unless you toe the Anti-Arab, Pro-Jewish, Pro-Israel line, you're an outcast to the JDL.

I guess they forgot that here in America (Where the JDL is based) we still have a thing called the Constitution, which has this thing called the Bill of Rights, which, among other things protects our right to free speech. Which, by the way I am exercising by calling attention to things like this.

And if you don't like it, you can kiss my lily white tuchis!!

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