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If you haven't figured it out already, Role-Play-Games have been a serious hobby of mine for a long time. If you have a problem with that, oh well. The key word to remember is it's a "HOBBY". Like some people collect stamps, some build model airplanes, or cars, I play RPGs. Why? It's a form of relaxation for me. That's why. If you don't understand, email me, maybe I can explain it to you better that way.

First, for those of you who think RPGs are "EVIL" and "SATANIC", check out this, and try to have a fair, unbiased look.

Al Lowe's UN-official HarnPage

Your first link to Hârn World.

Invitation to adventures in a more civilized time

Your invitation to SPACE:1889, Adventures in a more civilized time.

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The Canadian BB on Delphi
Clicking on the flag will take you to the Canada And Friends page on Delphi. This is an interesting and fun forum on Delphi that I visit quite often. Stop by, check out the message threads, you may find something of interest to you there.
The War Amps of Canada

The War Amps of Canada is a charitable organization that has existed since 1918. It's original purpose was to help returning war amputees adjust to society, and learn to cope with the problems and prejudices presented to them as a result of their disabling injuries. It has since grown to also add Child Amputees as well. Click on the banner above to visit their website. Please help them out in any way you can.
Canada At War

Canada At War

is a place to check out. Specially if you are looking for books about Canada At War! For some silly reason, many people think that only the Germans, Americans, and Japanese fought in WWII. Well, hey, guess what!! So did a lot of other people, including Canada!!!! And Canada had an even bigger commitment in WWI than the US did!! I'll bet you didn't know that!!! Anyway, click on the banner and check it out!!
The Aerodrome, Aircraft and Aces of World War One.
The Aerodrome is all about the aircraft and fighter Aces of World War I. They have the most comprehensive list of WWI Fighter Aces I have seen so far. And there is a forum there where you can post messages on topics such as your favorite ace, or aircraft or ask other questions that you've always wanted to know, such as WHO really shot down the Red Baron!! Check it out, just click on the icon!!
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Clicking on the image above will take you to the Indy Squadron home page. The Indy Squadron is a group of people who like to play Mike Carr's Dawn Patrol. A WWI flight simulator board game. Until the advent of computer games, this was the only way to really simulate aerial combat.

WWI Document Archive

Rich Thistle Studios

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