A sad time for gun rights activists in Michigan.

There is an organization called Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners, that is primarily responsible for the change in Michigan's Concealed carry law that made it a "Shall Issue" law.  Granted, many in the anti-Freedom movement (Million Mom March, Brady Campaign and others) see it as a step back, but it has brought us closer to seeing our rights restored.

Unfortunately, over the last year or two, there has developed a power struggle within MCRGO that threatens it's very existance.  I'm really the wrong person to talk about this very much, so instead I will ask you to click on the link below this paragraph and read the site it takes you too.  You should find a lot of useful information there.  Granted, perhaps a bit one-sided, but from my experience, what you read there is probably closer to the truth than you might find on say, MCRGO's site.

Concerned Activists for Reform and Ethics (CARE)

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