Are you a member of MCRGO??

(Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners, a once great Pro rights grass roots organization.)

If you are, you better be careful what you say about the organization.  Apparently you can't belong to any other PRO-2nd amendment organizations at the state level.  And heaven forbid if you should happen to criticize MCRGO's leadership.  (Or lack thereof.)

It doesn't matter what position you hold either.  Members of the board of directors (here after referred to as BoD) can get kicked off just as easily as plain old members can.

It doesn't matter if you're a founding member, only two time MCRGO president, founding member of MCRGO-PAC, winner of the 2002 MCRGO Distinguished Service Award, you can STILL get kicked out. 

As a regular member, you should be aware that there are at least two members of the BoD who are also a members of  Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights (MRCC).  A UNION that has provided substantial financial resources to ANTI-rights political candidates for various offices in the State of Michigan. (and they will NOT be expelled from the group.  It would lose MCRGO at least $5000.00 a year, in "donations.")

And that explains how another member ended up on the list of soon to be expelled members.  He made a comment about not letting "Union goons" kick his butt.  I guess the newest members of the BoD took that too personal.  Well, if the shoe fits.....

What I don't understand is why they are trying to kick a current member of the BoD out of the organization?  I mean other than wanting to do her job, (and so far, being kept from doing the job she was elected to do by denying her access to required organization records), the worst you could say about her is she likes H&K brand guns.  Well, anyway, I don't see that as a LEGAL reason to kick her out of MCRGO, or off the BoD.  In fact, it appears to me she's the ONLY member of the BoD who's even tried to do anything to correct the course of MCRGO and bring it back to the fight for our 2nd amendment rights. (This does not include recently resigned members who got fed up with the Executive Director and his manipulations of the BoD.  They reached a point of total frustration and I completely understand their point of view.)

But that's just my opinion.

Just an FYI, I support the following Pro-2nd amendment rights groups.
Great Lakes Shooting Sports Association (GLSSA)
Shooter's Alliance for Firearms Rights (SAFR, or SAFeR)
Concerned Activists for Reform and Ethics (CARE4MI)
Concealed Pistols Training 
And any organizations listed on the above sites.  

I also support, the Pink Pistols.
And I am the coordinator for the Michigan Pink Pistols.

Sadly, I am still a member of a once great pro-2nd amendment grass roots organization. If we're lucky, it will recover and become great once again. But I'm not holding my breath.

What do you think?  Email me at with your questions or comments.

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