WHY is MCRGO administration AFRAID of criticism?

Since the "New" MCRGO website started, the MCRGO Forum has been closed.  This was apparently done to make sure that NONE of the members who used the forum could continue to ask questions that the administration of MCRGO did not want to answer.  Or maybe I should say that the Executive Director did not want to answer.

Why Mr. Perricone?  Why don't you want to answer the questions the membership has put to you through the forum, and other venues?  Do we have to take you to court to get any response?  Do you think this is a wise use of membership funds?  Why can't properly elected members of the Board of Directors have access to the documents they need to do their jobs?

Why have members of an obviously ANTI-GUN Union been "appointed" to the Board of Directors for MCRGO??

Why have 5 members of the Board of Directors resigned?

Why is MCRGO trying to eject a 6th member of the Board of Directors?


You should also check out Concealed Pistols Training Forum.
Also go look at PRO2A.ORG.
And don't forget to look at Concerned Activists for Reform and Ethics (CARE).

What do you think?  Email me at albert@albertlowe.com with your questions or comments.

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