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It's time we heard the truth from the leadership of MCRGO.  They keep claiming credit for the pro-gun bills that come out of the Michigan legislature and go to the governor's desk.  I've asked people who I know were pushing for passage of PA 129 and PA 130 of 2004, and they don't know of anyone from MCRGO who appeared at any of the public hearings on this matter.  Except of course, that many who did, are FORMER members of MCRGO.

IF there was ANYONE from MCRGO who had anything to do with passage of these two laws, let them come forward and provide dates, times and places where they testified.

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I want to know WHO from MCRGO had ANYTHING to do with it.

Concealed Carry Now Legal on DNR Lands
by David Felbeck, MCRGO Life Member and Legislative Analyst

The Legislature has passed, and the governor has signed, two bills that prevent the Michigan Department of Natural Resources from prohibiting the carrying of concealed firearms by licensees on DNR-controlled areas. Public act 2004 PA 130, sponsored by Representative Koetje, was signed on June 3, 2004.

A companion bill, sponsored by Senator Garcia, prevents the DNR from prohibiting the carrying of a concealed firearm by a licensee who does not have a hunting license while on state hunting lands, as long as the licensee does not hunt with the firearm. This bill, 2004 PA 129, was signed by the governor on June 3, 2004.

These two bills clarify the original intent of the Legislature in passing 2000 PA 381, in that the only places where concealed carry is prohibited are those specified in the law, as since amended by 2003 PA 719. Concealed carry on private property remains at the discretion of the owner.

The DNR in the past has forbidden concealed carry on some state lands, while allowing it on others. This has led to confusion by licensees. These laws clarify that the DNR no longer has any authority regarding concealed carry.

Both bills are given immediate effect and are valid as of June 4, 2004.

With these laws, MCRGO has now been instrumental in the passage of a total of 12 pro-firearms rights laws in the past four years. In the preceding 73 years, only one pro-firearms law was passed, and that in 1990.

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