Internet Censorship

Ok, I've changed my mind.....again. What can I say? I've done a bit of investigating, and I've come to the conclusion that censorship of the Internet is completely, utterly, and totally wrong. Not only that, but it's unconstitutional too! When I read the CDA, (Communications Decency Act) and discovered from it that the Library of Congress Web page could be censored, well I decided right then and there that this was something that I couldn't tolerate.

Now, some of you may ask, if I can't tolerate Internet censorship, why do I apparently endorse services such as RSACi and SafeSurf? Well, it's easy. I don't endorse GOVERNMENTAL interference, which is what we'll get with the CDA. However, I do believe that we have to do something about governing what our children watch. To that end I endorse and have rated my website with both RSACi and SafeSurf. I believe that self-governance is the answer to the assault on our freedoms recently made by the US Congress and the US Justice Dept. I also believe that we should do all that is possible to avoid the inclusion of the so-called "Clipper chip" into electronic hardware. As this will give the gov't. the necessary tools it needs to indiscriminately tap into our private conversations on telephone, cell phone, computer and whatever other technological advance may surface to allow secure communications.

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Created: Sept. 27, 2000
Revised: October 12, 2005
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