The Banning on LeftWing Continues unabated

It seems that since YahooGroups recently underwent a change, that moderators of groups now have to ban every single email address, not just one user. And with the new change in Yahoogroups, you can have a ton of email addresses attached to one profile. Well, when I did my usual check on to see if I was still banned, I found I could now join! But, to my confusion, I could not use my usual address of Not wanting to use my other NON-Yahoo addresses for political email, I decided to use my Yahoo address. I sent one message, and "POOF" Banned again!!

Talk about disappointing, I thought they'd at least give me one more chance!! But no. As it is now, I've discovered that even though the homepage says it's UNmoderated, when you go to post a message, it tells you it IS moderated. I guess they don't trust everyone. ;-)
Didn't Stalin have that problem??

Did I also mention that the Owner/Moderators of Leftwing are liars? The following is from the home start page for the group.

Listed in directory
Open membership
All members may post
Public archives
Email attachments are not permitted

LeftWing does not Always Equal Liberal!!

(In practice that is. In other words, SOME Leftwingers are not very tolerant of those with opposing viewpoints.)

Below is the description for the email list "Leftwing" on Yahoo Groups.
A list for the discussion of all things pertaining to the left. This list is for the independent thinker. This list is not a democrat list. All on the left are welcome. Come, discuss, think...but be civil. This is not a moderated list. Dissension is welcome....keep it civil. If you cannot keep it civil, don't be suprised to find yourself removed. Not a list for flames, personal attacks, petty bickering, or Right-Wing Missionaries.
First, it does say it's a list for "all things pertaining to the left." I can readily attest to that. The only way to get more to the left than this list would be to move to Cuba. BUT, it then says the list is for the "independant thinker." I guess they mean the "independent LEFTWING thinker" as "they" don't think you can be a radical conservative and be an independent thinker too.

Oh, and the comment about "Not a list for flames, personal attacks" etc., etc., apparently ONLY applies to members and not the moderator. Below is a reply by the moderator of the list to a reply I made to one of the MANY posts about Dubya. The normal text is his reply to my reply. The text in blue is what I replied to. The text in red is my reply. The bold text is the "personal attack" that no one else is supposed to engage in on the list with the exception of the owner/moderator.

That does not negate the fact the GWB is raiding a fund that is 
largely paid for by middle to lower income americans with a 
regressive tax structure to pay for a massive giveaway to upper 
income Americans.

Lower and middle class people are depending on Social Security as a 
source of income when they retire.  GWB will have no need for it.

Its wrong nobody who does it, but the fact that someone who comes 
from wealth is dimishing surplaces intended for Social Security is 
not irrelevent.

And by the way, you are entitled to conservative opinions.  You are 
permitted to be on this list.  But when you express those opinions in 
this forum, you will be subject to removal.  I have been to your 
website, I know who you are.  

I have a rule about insects.  I let them live in peace until they 
touch me.  At that point, they die.  That rule applies here.

--- In leftwing@y..., "Albert Lowe"  wrote:
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> Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 5:32 PM
> Subject: [leftwing] Bush tightening our belts
> > EXCERPT: For most Americans, Social Security and Medicare are the
> > best family values programs, and it's mind-boggling that we sit by
> > while a born-rich president who has never known a second of family
> > financial insecurity threatens to pull the safety net out from 
> > under the rest of us.
> Pardon my asking, but wasn't it a "born-rich" president who started 
> Social Security?
Now I ask you, was MY question not civil? Did I attack anyone personally with MY question? I didn't even think I was spouting any party lines by simply asking...
...wasn't it a "born-rich" president who started Social Secuity?
And for this "transgression" I'm referred to as an insect, and banned from the list. Actually, being banned doesn't bother me that much. Other than my own message, I've not seen a single post that came from the list that even resembled that of an "independent thinker."

Well Matt, I have a rule about assholes. Normally I try to ignore them. But when they really piss me off, I don't get mad, I just get ahead! Consider this JUST the beginning. smile.gif - 249 Bytes


It has come to my attention that SOME people might think I'm lumping ALL Leftists in with those on the above mentioned group. I want to say that for the record, I have found those of the Leftwing_Rejects group to be a decent bunch of people. I also want to say that I have known other "Leftists" that qualify as "Free Thinkers."

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the majority of those that are part of the a href="" target="new">"Leftwing" email group. Apparently, the only "Free Thinker" allowed there are the moderators. And this has been verified by other members of Leftwing_Rejects. In fact, Leftwing_Rejects was started by a FORMER member of Leftwing. If you ask him, he'll tell you how "INtolerant" the moderators are.

I find it odd that they say

Come, discuss, think... but be civil. If you cannot keep it civil, don't be surprised to find yourself removed. Not a list for flames, personal attacks, petty bickering, or Right-Wing Missionaries. No idiots allowed.
Yet, when I ask ONE SIMPLE question, trying to spark a FRIENDLY debate, I get banned. However, it seems that Matt has a bad memory. He says "Al, if you're still here (I know I didn't kick you out) thank you!!!" this is part of message 26285 of their archives. Their message archives are public by the way. You can view them UNLESS you are a "banned member" such as I am. Matt, in case you forgot, check out your messages number 23334 and 23370. That should jog your memory. With regard to message 23370, as far as any debates between us go, it would be like Holyfield and PeeWee Herman.

And as for your being immortal, only as long as I can afford to keep this site going. After that, or my death, "You ARE the weakest Link. Good bye."

More on Peewee, uh, I mean Matt later. ;-) He says HE didn't ban me, so I'm going to take him at his word, for now.  But, if he didn't, then WHO did?

What do you think?  Email me at with your questions or comments.

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