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I have NO IDEA what my political position should be called.  Some on the Left side of Politics have referred to me as a "Freeper".  I really don't think that's accurate, unless they mean "Free Person". But it's a relatively free country in spite of what they are trying to turn it into, so they can think what ever their little pea brains want to.  I used to think I was a Conservative, but frankly, I don't think so.  Check out some of my political rants, and see what you think.

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Listed below are my thoughts on....
The 2nd Amendment is an INDIVUDUAL RIGHT We are a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy
Welcome to National Socialist Illinois!  Michael Moore, big, fat, and stupid!!
Tell the truth, MCRGO!!                  MCRGO, Heed thine own words!!
Welcome to Wisconsin...NOT!!!            WHY is MCRGO afraid of Criticism???
A Sad time for MCRGO                     Does God have a new Prophet?
MCRGO Leadership on the Rampage!!!       What is wrong with Gay Marriage??
Hitler Writes from the Grave.            Lies and lying Democrats
Alexander Smith is a SKANK!!!            Bin Laden is NOT a practicing Muslim!!
Gun Control:The Experiment that Failed   Forty Reasons for gun Control
Must have been the Guns                  Join the Pink Pistols 
Dealing with the Devil                   The War Criminal that got away.
Legacy of the Clinton Administration     Big Brother is getting Bigger
The End of an Era.                       Another Book Bashing Billy Bishop, VC.
Penalizing Popguns in Michigan           Boycott Tempco, they're Anti-Freedom!!!
Traitor, Robert Altman                   White Man's Progress
Dude, DON'T get a Dell!!                 Billy Bishop Wins Again!!!
Symbol of hate, or Good Luck???          Fox News bullied by Israel, again!!!
MOH not allowed on airlines???           Is the JDL ANTI-Constitutional??         
BOYCOTT Sun Microsystems and Oracle      A New Day of Infamy!!    
Is there a NEW Patriotism??              Kalifornicated Judge Shuts down ExposŤ Website
Canadian Politics explained to US!       Not so Liberal Liberals.  
The Smith & Wesson Sellout               Housing is a Right??       
Can Canada be Racist??                   Right Wing Canucks??(CDN)
The FBI screwed up...again               Dr.s versus guns, What's more dangerous?
REAL Texas Crime Report                  State Senate Expels Jaye
GWBush's 1st 100 Days                    John Brown in Ontario?(CDN)
People Who Care About Kids???            Toronto, a seperate Province?(CDN)
FREE AT LAST!!                           Protection, or Wall of Shame??!!(CDN)
Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment        The U.S.A., A Free Country? No way!
Sen. Craig and the 10 Amendments         SOME Mothers KNOW what a gun really is for!!
Anti-RIGHTS Crowd cooks the Books!!      Quotes related to ANTI-Civil Rights Movement
How to stop the school shootings         A sure sign of Gov't. Mistrust
What Columbine COULD have been like!!!   The Big Lie from HCI
My thoughts on Racism                    The Pledge of Allegiance is a LIE!!
Internet Censorship                      Abortion
Separation of Church and State           Animal Rights
On Gun Control                           Racial Pride 
Political Correctness                    The A-Bomb in WWII               
The U.S. Education System                AIDS, Gays, and Right Wing Christians    
Capital Punishment                       The He-Man Woman Hater's Club
Dateline NBC Blows it.                   RPGs, and Satanism.
Rockn'Roll Music and Satanism            Laurie Bembenek
Pro-Censorship Christians                Why I play RPGs.  
Religion                                 The Right of the PEOPLE...

(To be continued...)

My OLD Political rants, which include some of the above is Here.


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