On Capital Punishment

The only problem I have with capital punishment it that it's not the deterrent it used to be. I believe that when executions were public it had a more sobering effect on would be criminals than it does today. My personal opinion is that perhaps executions should be a televised event. Perhaps even pay-per-view. This would allow parents to make sure that their children aren't watching, and it would offset the cost to the state, maybe even help to reduce the taxes. In fact, I think we should do away with jail time for minor offenses, such as theft, pick-pocketing, and other minor non-violent crimes that usually end up in county jail time. We should bring back the pillory, and flogging. Now I'm sure there are a bunch of bleeding heart liberals who think this is just ghastly, BUT, I'm willing to bet that if we did, the crime rate would drop dramatically. Perhaps we need to shift to Islamic law, you know, chop off hands for theft, and chop off you-know-what for rape.

Created: December 7, 1996
Last updated: May 24, 1997