Role-Play-Games (RPGs) and Satanism

(Or, How I play RPGs, and manage to NOT be a Satanist.)

Today there are a lot of sources on the Internet claiming to have positive proof that playing RPGs will lead you into Satanism. Frankly that's a load of horse manure. I've been involved in RPGs for over 20 years, and I have yet to meet or know anyone who played AD&D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons), or any other RPG who became a Satanist as a result of playing the game. In fact, I don't think I know any Satanists currently, unless some of you who are my friends are keeping that a secret from me.

Another thing these so-called experts like to quote is supposed rules to the fantasy RPGs (FRPGs) that require magic-users and clerics to actually speak the spell/prayer that their character is supposed to be casting. That too is utter nonsense. I've played AD&D, DragonQuest, HarnMaster, Pendragon, and hoards of other RPGs and I've NEVER seen a rule in any of their rule books that have that requirement. Most of them will tell you the basic components of the spell, and whether or not your character has to be vocal in it's casting, but that doesn't require the player himself to speak any incantation. And if you're ever in a game where the GM/DM (Game Master/Dungeon Master) requires that you do this, point out to him/her that this is only propagating the myth popular among NON-FRPers that players are truly Satanists.

My basic advice to current players and GM/DMs is if you are currently using any "house rules" that require the player him/herself to speak the incantation, stop it immediately. You might be watched by some of these loony groups that are trying to ban RPGs. So don't help them anymore than you have to. And believe me, you're giving them enough help just by playing the games. At least from their point of view. And whatever else you do, please stop making animal/human sacrifices to your god/goddess, that only fuels the flame. (tongue planted firmly in cheek)

Now, as to Magic:The Gathering, it is my opinion that this game is the Crack-cocaine of the gaming world. I've seen people spend their life savings to gather all the cards for this silly game that they can get. I have never played it myself, and I never will. And I encourage all of you to stop, it is definitely the Devil's work, unlike RPGs, which stimulate our imagination, this takes over your body, mind and soul. It should have been banned on the 1995 Crime Bill as an assault weapon.

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Created: May 24, 1997
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