Rock Music: The Devil's work? Naaah!

I have been told that because I listen to rock & roll I am destined to go to hell, unless I repent now and change my ways. Oh well, guess I better figure on being hot when I die, cause I'm not changing my ways for anyone. I am constantly told by so-called "True Christians" that to be a Christian means living a life where everything is judged against the teachings of the Bible.

"We only listen to Godly music. If you're a man, you hair must be kept cut short. If you're a woman, only dresses and skirts are appropriate to wear. Sex must only be for procreation, not recreation. Television is the work of the devil, (most of it anyway). Rock music is sinful because it stirs the flesh." On and on, etc., etc. I've never been sexually excited by rock music, either directly or indirectly. I've never been caused to kill, maim, rape, or commit any other crime due to the influence of rock music, TV, or any other "UN-Godly" pursuit. Yet this is what fundamentalist Christians would have you believe will happen if you listen to Rock music, or watch "Un-Godly" TV shows and movies.

I am also told that I must submit to God's authority. I don't have a problem with this, but it seems that God's authority is up to the interpretation of the interpreter. It also seems that some of these groups are attempting to turn us all into mirror-images of one another. I can't believe that God would give us a will of our own, a desire to be different from one another and then ask us to ignore that will and be alike. And make no mistake, that is what a lot of Christian fundis are trying to do. They will of course deny it, but they are trying to get us all to fall into line like good little Christian Soldiers. No thank you.

Perhaps I'll just stay the way I am. And perhaps I'll become a true Pagan, worshipping some Pagan God or Goddess. I don't know, maybe I'll create my own Christian sect, like the Branch Davidians. But I'll be sure to leave out all the bad parts of those other cults, like child abuse, and such. Plus I don't want anyone else's money, or property. Maybe we'll just have meetings where we listen to rock music and play Fantasy Role-Play Games!! Yeah, that's what we'll do.


Created: May 24, 1997

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