Why I like, and am involved with Role-Play-Games (RPGs)

For me they are a recreation. A temporary escape if you will, from the every day problems and concerns of life. During the 20+ years that I have been playing and running RPGs, I have NEVER seen, or met anyone who turned to Satan worship as a result of playing Dungeons&Dragons, or any other Role-Play-Game. I have even known people who were devout Christians who played games such as these. Of course those of you who are so convinced that RPGs are the work of the devil would likely say that "No devout Christian would be involved in RPGs." All I have to say is "Who died and left YOU in charge?"

I play or run an RPG ONE night a week for 2 to4 hours. During this time, I converse with my friends, run/play the game, chat about things, sometimes even politics and religion. The thing is, these are friends that I don't see all the time, and gaming brings us together. We don't say prayers out loud, we don't sarifice children to some pagan god, and we certainly don't practice occult rituals. RPGs are to me, what softball or bowling is to someone else. It's a recreation only, nothing more, nothing less. And anyone who tries to make it more than that is either stupid, or in need of serious counseling.

Created: June 2, 1997
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