About This Web Site.

My presence on the web first occured on May 30, 1996. Since that time my page has changed and grown. It started out with a very heavy RPG feel to it. It was known as the "HomePage of Sir Dirk". Sir Dirk was a character I played in the Hârnmaster Role-Play-Game. AND when I first got on the web, my email address was sirdirk@xnet.com.

It was a simple "one" page type of website. It got REAL long too. ;-) I eventually broke it up into several "pages" so that the index page wasn't so long. And it slowly started changing too. It eventually became "Al Lowe's HomePage".

After two years with XNet Information Systems, I decided it was time for a change. Not that XNet was a bad ISP, I just felt that I needed a change. My web site was growing, and was at about 65% of the 10 megabyte limit, and XNet didn't have a way for me to get more web space if I needed it. So, I switched to Enteract L.L.C.

When I made the move to Enteract, I decided to change my email address to something based on my name. So, I became alowe@enteract.com. This all took place during the late Summer of 1998. Shortly after that, in addition to pages on my political viewpoints, HârnMaster, SPACE:1889, and other things, I created a page dedicated to restoring and preserving the memory of Air Marshal William Avery "Billy" Bishop.

I became so obsessed with this that became a major theme of my web page, and was the inspiration behind my choice of a domain name when I decided I should get my own domain. I had intended on getting "billybishop.com", however someone already had it, and until recently it was redirecting people to http://www.atlarge.ca/, a so-called ICANN review page, but now the redirect is gone, as is the ICANN review site. Anyway, I got "billybishop.net". Consequently, my most used email address for a time was alowe@billybishop.net.

July, 2000 I decided to create a seperate site for my Hârnmaster pages. So, I bought harnmaster.com as a second domain. I have since also purchased the domain names of alcomputing.com and albertlowe.com. Since I've now moved to Leslie Michigan, I decided I needed to change how and where my sites are hosted. I came across a service called Addr.com. For $9.95 a month I get all kinds of goodies. Including, but not limited to 100mb of hard drive space for web pages, unlimited email forwarding, 3 POP email boxes with SMTP capability as well, and a host of other things. Still, alcomputing was until recently hosted through DirectNIC.

DirectNIC is the service I used to buy my last three domain names. The reason being, they charge $15.00 a year as opposed to Network Solutions' rate of $35.00 a year. In addition, you only have to pay one year at a time. You can pay for more, but when you're on a tight budget, it's nice to know that you can go on a year by year payment schedule.

For hosting, I recently found Whiz Host. They offer most of the same goodies that many other companies do, but for $36.00 a YEAR!!! This includes UNLIMITED POP email boxes as well as webmail. The only real drawback is no Telnet access. If I can figure a work around for this, I'll probably move all my sites there. For now, my personal site is hosted there, and my "attempt at business" site, and my SPACE:1889 site are redirected to sub folders there as well.

Ok, scratch the above. Whizhost has increased their rate by 133%. Yup, more than double, to a new rate of $84.00 a year. This equals paying $7.00 a month. Granted, STILL a bargain, considering what they offer. But you do have to pay for the whole year in advance. However, considering that I am unemployed, this will likely slow down my idea of moving all my domains to their service, each with a seperate account.

However, I found a NEW service called HostColor.  You can find them at http://www.hostcolor.com.  They have several packages, ranging from $25.00 to $95.00, depending the package you want.  This is for the entire year by the way.  I'm on my 2nd year with them and their service has been fantastic.

This site started out as just something for fun and practice at HTML, but it has since turned into something else. I'm not sure what, but I get very few complaints and quite a few compliments on it. At any rate, as long as I can afford it, and as long as I'm alive this site will continue it's presence on the World Wide Web. It will probably change again, but that's the nature of things that grow.

Ta Ta For Now, more to come later.....

Email me at albert@albertlowe.com with your questions or comments.

Created: June 23, 1997
Last updated: October 8, 2005
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