The End of an Era

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4 August, 1900 - 30 March, 2002

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother died in her sleep on 30 March, 2002. She was 101 years young, and would have reached 102 this August, if not for her untimely death. The Mother to Queen Elizabeth II, the reigning Monarch of Canada and Great Britain, she was also the Widow of the late King George VI. You can read much more about her here.

I know there are many in Canada that are calling for an end to the Monarchy in Canada. They want a head of state that is Canadian. But I ask you, has the Monarchy been so bad for Canada? Frankly, it's something I've always envied. And I know lots of Americans have envied both Britain and Canada for having a King or Queen as head of state.

I know that some think we're better off without Royalty and titles of nobility. But if that is so, why have Americans always been so fascinated by the Royalty? It is true you know. Americans have ALWAYS been fascinated by the whole concept of royalty and nobility and all the trappings that go with it. It's just that most of us are too shy to say anything.

Well, maybe if Britain and Canada decide to drop the Royal family, we can adopt them here. One thing is for sure, we can at least afford to keep them up in the style to which they have become accustomed.

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Brought to you by: Billy Bishop, a REAL Canadian Hero.

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