My thoughts on Racial Pride

Why is it that it's ok for a Black man or woman, or members of any OTHER non-White race to be proud of their race, but it's not ok for a White man or woman to be proud of THEIRS??  Have our ancestors committed such horrible acts that we aren't allowed to feel PRIDE in our races' accomplishments???

Does the act of slavery out weigh the gift of great Art, science, medical and technological inventions, creations and sacrifices??  It's not like we invented slavery.  Slavery existed in biblical times.  Even the early laws written in the Bible mention slaves, and what is right and what is wrong in how they are treated.

And if slavery is so bad, why isn't the UN trying harder to eradicate it today.  Yes, slavery still exists today.  Modern slavery however, knows no racial bounds.  Most of today's slaves are female.  So you can probably imagine WHY they are slaves.

What do you think?  Email me at with your questions or comments.

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Created: December 7, 1996
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