To: Alexander Smith of Mt. Pleasant High School

You Mr. Smith, are the skank.  NOT the principal.  You are an un-disciplined, unruly, out of control teen who needs to have the seat of your pants warmed up by an old fashioned paddle.  If you ask me, YOU are the poster boy for WHY corporal punishment should make a come back in our schools.  If ANYONE deserves a spanking, YOU DO.

I sincerely hope the Honor Society strips you of the title of Honor Student.  You certainly are not deserving of that honorarium.  You are nothing but a punk.  And unless you change your attitude, that's all you'll ever be.  Regardless what the courts or the ACLU may tell you.  Regardless where your career path may take you.  Until you realize the error of your ways, you are and will forever be nothing but a PUNK.

What do you think?  Email me at with your questions or comments.

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Created: December 27, 2003
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