A Short List of Some of My Favorite Songs:

    By Rob Zombie
  2. What is Love
  3. That's The Way It Is
    By Celine Dion
  4. Smooth
    By Santana

The rest are in no particular order.

  • by the Wolf Tones
    • "The Boys of the Old Brigade"
    • "Michael Collins"
    • "Come out Ye Black and Tans"
    • "Rifles of the IRA"
    • "The Big Strong Man"
  • by Iron Butterfly
    • "Fire (God of Hellfire)"
    • "In-a-Gadda-da-vida (In the Garden of Eden)"
  • By R.E.M.
    • ":Losing My Religion"
  • by Patrice Rushen
    • "Forget me Nots"
  • Everything By SPARKS, but especially...
    • ":This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us":
    • ":All you ever think about is Sex.":
  • The following by Laura Brannigan
    • ":Is There Anybody Here but Me?":
    • ":Solitaire":
    • ":Gloria":
    • ":Self Control":
    • ":How am I Supposed to Live Without You?":
  • At least the following by the Late, Great, Johnny Horton
    • Honky Tonk Man
    • North To Alaska
    • Sink The Bismarck
    • The Battle of New Orleans
    • When it's Springtime in Alaska (It's Forty Below)
    • Johnny Reb
    • I Got a Hole In My Pirogue
    • I'm a One Woman Man
  • by Kenny Loggins
    • ":Danger Zone": from the Motion Picture ":Top Gun":
  • by Don Felder
    • ":Heavy Metal (takin a ride)": from the Sci-Fi Animation ":Heavy Metal":
  • by J.S. Bach
    • Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (as played by E. Power Biggs on the pedal Harpsichord)
  • by Tears For Fears
    • ":Everybody Wants to Rule the World":
    • ":Head Over Heels":
  • by Patsy Cline
    • ":I Fall To Pieces":
    • ":Crazy":
  • by Toto
    • ":99":
  • by Billy Idol
    • ":White Wedding-Parts I&II":
    • ":Mony Mony":
    • ":Dancing with Myself":
    • ":Hot In The City":
  • By ZZ TOP!
    • ":LEGS":
    • ":TV DINNER":
    • ":VELCRO FLY":
    • ":TUSH":
  • by George Thorogood & the Destroyers.
    • ":Bad To The Bone":
  • By Jerry Lee Lewis
    • ":Great Balls of Fire":
  • By ABBA
    • ":Waterloo":
    • ":S.O.S.":
    • ":Fernando":
    • ":Take a Chance on Me":
    • ":Dancing Queen":
  • By Creedence Clearwater Revival
    • ":Bad Moon Rising":
    • ":Down On the Corner":
    • ":Lookin' Out My Back Door":
    • ":Sweet Hitch-Hiker":
  • By the Grassroots
    • ":Sooner or Later":
  • By The Guess Who
    • ":American Woman":
  • By Nine Inch Nails
    • ":Heresy":
    • ":Closer":
  • By The Judds
    • ":Why Not Me":
    • ":Mama He's Crazy":
    • ":Cry Myself to Sleep":
    • ":Love Is Alive
  • By the Talking Heads
    • ":Life During Wartime":
    • ":Burning Down the House":
    • ":Wild Wild Life":
  • Everything by FLEETWOOD MAC
  • By Aerosmith
    • ":Walk This Way":
  • Most of the top hits by the BEE GEES. (Yes, I know, most of them were disco, so sue me.)
  • by A Flock of Seagulls
    • ":I Ran (So Far Away)":
  • by Yes!
    • ":Owner of A Lonely Heart":
  • By the VILLAGE PEOPLE, all their top hits

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