The latest SCAM on the Internet

In case it's not happened to you yet, there's a new form of spam on the net. It's called IP messaging. The Junk mass mailers can now send SPAM directly to your computer without waiting for you to open your email.

There's one devil in particular who's working both sides of the street. They provide BOTH the program to send these IP spam messages as well as the software to block it. I don't know how the spammers feel who use their spam software, but I'm right pissed. The name of this malicious company?? They're called 4V SOFTWARE INC. If they sold one type of software or the other, I probably would not complain so much. But since they have seen fit to cover both ends of the spectrum, I feel justified in my criticism.

Do your self and the rest of us netizens a favour, don't buy their products, as I consider them to be the leeches of the Internet, sucking the blood out from both ends.

Created: April 15, 2003
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