The Growing story behind the great Sellout by Smith & Wesson to the ANTI-Self Defense Movement!!!!

Check the links below as the story grows on the great sellout by Smith & Wesson. See if they will be followed by other firearms manufacturers.

Smith & Wesson Sells out to the Gun Grabbing Liberals!!!

How will S&W's sellout effect you? Read this and find out!!!

Other Gun Makers Reject S&W Capitulation

Read about Glock at LA Times story
Read about Browning at The Salt Lake Tribune

The link below is from the NRA-ILA web site, it lists the currently known individuals, corporations and News media organizations that actively participate in attempting to encroach on our rights as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, with Dangerous Utopian ideas. Let them know that you won't stand for it.

Anti-Rights Support

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