Vol. 7, No. 11 3/17/00


Smith & Wesson CEO Ed Schultz, who had no experience with the firearms industry before taking his current position, announced today that the British-owned gun maker would make drastic changes to the way it designs, manufactures, and markets its products to appease those who would like to sue firearm manufacturers into extinction. Schultz's announcement was phoned in during a press conference called by Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo had threatened last year to promote taxpayer-subsidized lawsuits against legitimate, lawful firearms manufacturers (see FAX Alert Vol. 6, No. 48). While NRA has yet to see any details on the depths of Smith & Wesson's concessions, it would appear that this particular gun maker is willing to sacrifice the rights of gun owners, and its own First Amendment right (part of the agreement appears to include restrictions on advertisements), in order to eliminate the threat of federal suits that don't exist, and to end suits filed by cities that keep getting thrown out of court (see FAX Alert Vol. 6, No. 52). According to press accounts, the gun maker has agreed to several restrictions that NRA and gun owners have been fighting in Congress, and the company's unilateral and ill-advised surrender could easily destabilize the legislative situation. We will be sure to fill our members in on details regarding this development as they become available, but if you would like to express your comments with Smith & Wesson about its decision, contact:

Smith & Wesson
Ed Schultz, CEO & President
2100 Roosevelt Ave.
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