Tempco Electrical Heater Corporation
is ANTI-Freedom!!!

On June 23, 2000 I had an interview for a job at Tempco Electric Heating in Wood Dale, IL. I thought everything went fine. In fact, later that day, I was asked by the agency that sent me for references. They told me that while I was NOT the first person they had interviewed, I was the first person for whom they had asked for references.

I was not too surprised. The conversation I'd had with the head of the IT department had gone well, I thought. When we got on the subject of HTML, I mentioned I had a web page that had been on the Internet for over 3 years. He asked for the URL so he could check it out, he seemed to think that perhaps I could help with their web page. p>The following Monday I got a call from the agency, there was a "minor" problem. Tempco was concerned about my stance on Gun control as it was presented on my web page. Basically, I'm 100% against Gun control.

I didn't hear back from them until the following week, on July 5, 2000, when they told me that Tempco had hired someone else.

I have two sons, one had just turned 3 years old, and the other was 7 months old. Their mother had just got out of the hospital after having a partial hysterectomy and a bowel resection. She was to be off work on disability for at least 6 weeks. We had no income, our savings was gone, and these people turned me down, apparently because I'm against gun control!!!

Essentially, I didn't get the job because I excersized my right to free speech on the Internet!! Wake up America, YOU could be next!!! Show Tempco that K-Mart was no fluke!!!

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