What is the big lie???

Read the paragraph below describing HCI, and then you tell me!!

Handgun Control, Inc.

Washington, DC, Tel: (202) 289-7319. www.handguncontrol.org.

Handgun Control, chaired by Sarah Brady, is the nation's largest citizens' gun control lobbying organization. HCI works to enact stronger federal, state and local gun control laws, but does not seek to ban handguns. Founded in 1974, HCI has more than 400,000 members nationwide and works with local groups around the country to enact and protect reasonable gun control laws.

Just in case you didn't see it, I underlined it, italized it and made it bold.  For the record, NONE of the laws they work to "enact" are reasonable. They are ALL draconian racist, and anti-lower class laws meant to turn us all into slaves!  And many of their "elite" members have private security guards, or like Chuck Schumer, THEY have Concealed carry permits!!  Sen. Schumer has the rare and HARD TO GET New York City Permit!!  I guess if you're connected, you can get virtually anything. 

But I have to ask, what about the rest of us?  What about the "peons??"  What are WE supposed to do if accosted on the street by some ARMED and dangerous street thug?  Do we have to rely on the Police?  The same police who have NO LEGAL DUTY to protect me, as an individual?  I certainly can't afford to hire armed guards.  So tell me Mrs. Brady, what am I supposed to do in your perfect world where only the Police, the criminals, and the "elite" have guns???

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