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Dateline NBC MALICIOUSLY slams Underwriters Laboratories!

Dateline NBC reported on their show, Tuesday, December 10, 1996, that UL is an "industry funded" organization. Well, if you count the fees that UL charges for it's certification service, then I suppose you could call UL "industry funded". BUT, then you'd also have to call then Inchcape, now ITS/Testmark (the "other" laboratory that Dateline featured on their show as a "reputable Independent" laboratory) industry funded too. I think this just shows that they didn't do their research. If they had, they would have discovered that UL has been in existence since 1894, as an independent, not-for-profit testing laboratory, FREE from improper industry influence. If you feel as I do, that this is an example of shoddy reporting, using half truths, and incomplete research contact Dateline NBC and tell them what you think.


On February 17, 2000 I received the email below, with regards to Inchcape, now called ITS, and how THEY do (or maybe did?) their testing. Remember, this is the "reputable, independent" laboratory that Dateline used to compare to UL.
Several years ago, I used Inchcape as a testing lab for FCC certification, both here and in Hong Kong, and I will never use them again. I was appalled by the level of engineering supplied to do the testing. As a client, I shouldn't have to show them how to calibrate their test set-up, or how to get consistent results. I was recently brought in to a part 15 product because it had range problems, and I found that Inchcape (ITS) had done the testing, and had an error of 20db in their results. A very expensive error for the company.

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