Protection or "Wall of shame???"

As part of the preparations for the upcoming "Summit of the Americas", to be held in Quebec City, Quebec (k-beck for Canadians, kwa-beck to us 'mericanswink.gif - 248 Bytes) April 20 to the 22, 2001, they are constructing a four metre high, four kilometre long concrete wall around the neighborhoods of Quebec City were the summit is to be held. All this is for 34 world leaders that will be present during this summit.

In response to this, a group consisting of famous (really? I've never heard of most of them. wink.gif - 248 Bytes) Canadians such as author Naomi Klein, actor and activist Sarah Polley, civil rights lawyer Clayton Ruby, filmmaker Atom Egoyan, renowned Canadian authors Michael Ondaatje and Margaret Atwood and music stars The Barenaked Ladies. (Ok, I've heard of Barenaked Ladies. But they're Canadians?). They "launched"1 a petition dubbed "Citizen Caged", for which they reportedly have over 5,000 Canadian Signatures.

The group had this to say about the wall:

"(The security wall) is the greatest humiliation for Canadian democracy that I can possibly imagine," Ruby said. "Jean Chretien: real democracy is more than casting a ballot every four or five years."

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1This is the Canadian Press' term, not mine. How do you launch a petition? If you used Champaign wouldn't that make it soggy??

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